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The Harbour Crew  

Please note this list mostly reflects the initial development years of Harbour. You can find a more up-to-date list here, the list of active committers here, more contributors and past committers in ChangeLog.

Per country in alphabetical order:


Matt Hamilton photo
Captain of strings.c and math.c
A VIP shipmaster! A Admiral actual!

Peter Townsend


Jean-Francois Lefebvre photo
1st Classes Master

Patrick Mast photo photo photo
Harbour WebMaster
Harbour public relations and
real-life application tester

Richard-Alexandre Cuylen photo
2nd Classes Master


Felipe Coury photo
Harbour Internet Integration Captain Radio operator
and Brazilian Harbour Community Informant

Luiz Rafael Culik photo
Harbour Norton Guide Captain

Vailton Renato photo photo
Trainee for Webdesigner


April White

Bil SimserPascal Captain
The Dread Pirate Pascal

Leslee Griffith

Luis Krause Mantilla

Paul Tucker photo
MSVC and GTAPI Master


Gonzalo DiethelmGNU Tools Pusher
Harbour standard GNU tools pusher


Janica Lubos

Ross PresserCaptain Boy
Unreliable Yet Sometimes Helpful Cabin Boy

Viktor SzakatsFormer Tech Lead, hbmk2 author


Martin Vogel photo
Cl*pper Tools Captain


Pritpal BediA student of software
analysis and design


Andi JahjaThe Janitor


Chen Kedem photo
The Documentor
Harbour documentation writer


Francesco Saverio GiudiceContrib Developer

Massimo BelgranoFleet Admiral of Newsgroup, Lieutenant of
application tester, and Half soldier developer

Matteo Baccan photo
Tester and Java interface developer

Maurilio Longo photo
OS/2 Pirate and Harbour sailor


Kwon, Oh-Chul photo
Asian Harbour Captain


Eddie RuniaResident Medic
Debug doctor with a bought fake diploma


Przemysław CzerpakHarbour Master

Robert ArseniukArrays Captain
Captain of the Harbour Arrays

Ryszard Glab2nd Harbour Master
Nearest to the Harbour Master!


Alexander S. KresinPreprocessor Captain

Vladimir Kazimirchik photo
Harbour for OS/2 fanatic


Rab ThomsonShip's Rat
Gnawing/at/the leftovers, and did someone
say something about sinking ships?


Antonio Linares photo photo
Harbour Starter
The Great Man who started the engines!

Bruno Cantero photo
RDD Captain
Happy C and Clipper developer

Ignacio Ortiz de Zuniga photo
Harbour GET Captain

Jose LalinTowboat Skipper
Helping ships to come alongside

Manuel Ruiz

Nicolas del Pozo


Brian HaysShip's Carpenter
Roving Editor, Barnacle Scraper and Window Cleaner

David G. Holm photo photo photo
Set Captain
The Clipper Compatibility Fanatic

Jon BergStoker
Just keep shoveling coal into the Harbour engine. (Tester)
Held a higher rank on the old Clipper ships before I got
busted with the advent of steam engines

Mark W. SchumannAnimal Trainer
Trainer of the Harbour Animal

Phil Barnett photo
Harbour Manager
Keeper of Pieces and Parts

Ron Pinkas photo
The Clipper-Head who doesn't mind becoming
a 'c'-man to keep Clipper sailing into the future

Tim Stone photo
List House Keeper and Manual Captain