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Mailing Lists

for Using Harbour

Use the Harbour Users list if you have questions about the usage of Harbour. Most Harbour developers are lurking on this list to assist Harbour users.

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for Developing Harbour

Harbour Devel list is a place to discuss topics related to the development of Harbour itself. It can be technical and advanced. If you have questions about the usage of Harbour, use the Harbour Users list instead of this one.

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Please read the following guidelines before posting to the list.

Send in plain text

Certain email client default to sending HTML email. Configure your email client to send plain text so that everyone is able to read your message.

Send English mails

This list is an English language mailing list. Post messages preferably in English.

Do not ask FAQs

Be sure to read the README and search the archives before posting.

Remember that…

Although this is an open project and without any implicit or explicit support, some professionals have joined our mailing lists with the intention of voluntarily helping users. Use common sense when posting your messages.


This website and all other parts of Harbour are distributed in the hope they are useful, but WITHOUT GUARANTEE that they are complete, accurate, non-infringing or usable for any purpose whatsoever. Contributors are NOT LIABLE for any damages that result from using Harbour in any ways. For more legal details, see LICENSE.