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Harbour Forks

Harbour version 3.4

Forked in April of 2013 in an attempt to focus on a narrower set of platforms and contrib libraries while also freeing up resources by distancing from project/community management tasks. This fork focuses on Linux, Windows (64-bit) and macOS, and some selected C compilers (clang, gcc/MinGW). It has the stated goal to adapt all mainline (non-fork) updates with minimal delay. To ease maintenance, this fork has the policy to disable all deprecated components by default (they can be enabled though, with no promises). Other goals are compatibility with mainline core, continuous maintenance, build automation and security (hbcrypto contrib and curl builds). It also features a large number of fixes and cleanups, many of which are eventually retrofitted to mainline.

This fork accepts donations.

This fork is largely compatible with mainline, with the notable exception for deprecated parts, which are disabled by default.

Mainline (non-fork) Harbour

This is the non-fork, original version of Harbour, started in 1999.


Forked in 2001 with the goal of providing a more aggressive development path with a different approach to language extensions and compatibility and more focus on the Windows platform along with commercial offerings.

Technical details on how this fork differs from the other variations, here.

MiniGUI forks

Harbour MiniGUI (HMG) is a Windows GUI development environment consisting of a GUI library, an IDE, a Harbour binary distribution and a C compiler. It implements a semi-OOP model and is ready to use by including all required components. There are a number of semi-connected forks found on the internet:

Each use altered Harbour sources and may use non-standard toolchain elements (e.g. hbmk2.bat wrapper for standard hbmk2.exe). They feature certain libraries with names overlapping with Harbour contribs, but with slightly incompatible or completely different functionality. Some distros come in binary form only, making it difficult/impossible to find out what was the exact source code / patches they were built from. In practice it means that general Harbour support forums cannot help with issues.

Another MiniGUI fork that implements a full OOP model without altered Harbour sources nor overlapping libraries.